Thank you for your interest in Wall&Main. As a result of the SEC's lack of action on equity investing for unaccredited investors, and the publication of the first draft in late October 2013; we delayed our Phase Two launch scheduled for November 2013. It was clear after reading the SEC's proposed rules that the final rules were not going to be final in the near term as expected and, in fact, may not be final until deep into 2014.

Additionally and very troublingly, we believe some of the rules as currently written will dramatically inhibit the emergence of crowdfunding as the industry it has the potential to become. The costs and regulatory burdens on small and medium sized business and on the crowdfunding portals like Wall&Main, could make it impossible for companies to raise capital efficiently and cost effectively.

Our original plan was to begin to crowdfund businesses with two campaign alternatives... a donation/reward platform and an equity/debt platform for accredited investors, and to add an unaccredited investor campaign platform as soon as it was legal. While we believe the first two are both significant opportunities; we formed our business to provide every person the opportunity to invest in quality startups and existing companies looking to expand. Therefore, it is this final piece of the formula, at least for Wall&Main,that is critical to our vision.

The SEC was required by the JOBS Act to publish the final rules by January 5, 2013, (now over a year late) and it could very well be almost two years (or more) late, when they are finally published.

As a result of our decision, we do not plan to launch the actual crowdfunding functionality, until we have a better sense of the SEC's timing and the actual operating and legal realities that will be created by the final rules.

Our website and infrastructure are ready and can be live within a week, but we will activate it only when the rules are clear. We believe deeply in the potential good that crowdfunding in general and Wall&Main specifically can deliver in the marketplace with regard to capital, company and job formation. We believe our vision of crowdfunding is uniquely suited to help both investors and entrepreneurs ultimately succeed; we look forward to the time when we can successfully accomplish both.

In the meantime, if you are interested, we will send you periodic updates that we believe will be of interest to both investors and entrepreneurs.

One final note... We encourage everyone to write to your congress, your senators, the White House, and the SEC asking for the prompt publication of the rules for crowdfunding for unaccredited investors. We need a clear and unambiguous legal framework that protects investors but does not unreasonably inhibit the functionality, effectiveness, and costs of crowdfunding itself.

Investing should not be the sole purview of wealthy investors or a select group of companies capable of navigating today's fundraising realities.

Together we can make this happen... So let's help those in our government understand that they need to get their jobs done so we can do ours.

Thank you.

Michael D London


If you are interested in receiving periodic updates on the final rules and Wall&Main, please email us at